EMR Stimulus Center

EMR and Allscripts is committed to providing ARRA-certified solutions, encouraging legislation that helps to move the healthcare industry in the right direction, and helping you understand the intricacies of it all.

Certified Solutions

EMR is committed to providing our clients a complete certified Electronic Health Record in time for the earliest stimulus funding opportunity. Allscripts guarantees our EHR solutions will be ARRA certified, enabling our clients to begin demonstrating Meaningful Use early in  2011.

Meaningful Use Overview

The Final Rules for Meaningful Use and Certification for EHR systems were issued on July 13, 2010. Read an overview of what you need to do to earn the incentives, the timeframes for participation, and when the money will flow.

EMR Allscripts Meaningful Use Overview

NPRM Metrics for Meaningful Use

In order to participate in the HITECH incentive program for individual providers, Eligible Professionals (EPs) must demonstrate that they have achieved 20 of 25 Meaningful Use objectives.

EMR Allscripts Meaningful Use Criteria

Clinical Quality Measures

In addition to the 20 Meaningful Use objectives, participating physicians and other healthcare professionals need to submit six clinical quality measurement reports on their treatment of patients, selected from a set of 44 potential measures.

EMR Clinical Quality Measures

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