EMR Testimonials

Dr. Patricia Janki
Dr. Rodrigo De Valle
Dr. Warren Longmire

Update - Dr. Patricia Janki's Letter to Large Houston Orthopedic Group

Dr. Patricia Janki's Experience - 6/23/2009

When I first met the Electronic Medical Resources (EMR) Team I was impressed that this was a team of experts committed to my success, and that this Team would be there to take me all the way to the finish line to get my electronic health record systems fully implemented.

I found the training that we received for both the Practice Management and the Electronic Health Record systems was personal, quick and to the point. It soon became clear that the class room training would be continued live in my Clinic. During the Go Live Phase the EMR trainers continued to answer and elaborate on our questions. The product benefits were fully explained as the EMR team patiently made sure we were using the systems to its best advantage. Just when I thought they were done they seemed to instinctively know when to revisit to move my staff through the next learning steps – we were never left behind. It was clear to me that I was getting the same dedicated attention that a physician would get in a large clinic at no additional cost. This will make the difference when smaller practices start implementing electronic health record systems in the next year under the new stimulus act.

The Allscripts Enterprise Practice Management and Electronic health Record Products easily adapted to my special work flow requirements. The EMR Team tailored the systems to the needs of my Occupational Medical Family Practice. I now have the necessary electronic forms and procedures allowing my Clinic to make the Paperless Transition.

The system conformed to my Clinic work flows. I am able to delegate the Patient Intake process so that the clinical staff gets involved at the right moment using evidenced based standard medical nomenclature which allows me to review their work, using it to support my examination, assessment and plan in the progress note. This streamlined clinic work flows.

At one point EMR's IT/TECH Support specifically got involved with my contracted IT professional to identify an internal issue that was slowing down the system. Afterwards the entire system was running at lightning speed. There was no "he said-she said" – EMR just got the job done.

The Bottom Line of this is that I chose the Allscripts CCHIT 08 certified product because I felt that Electronic Medical Resources had complete command over this product and would deliver and install it as promised – Which they did. What I would say most emphatically is that they have this service motto of "No Physician Left Behind" which is the mainstay of their excellence. They never left me behind – they were always there for my clinic – I am very pleased with the result.

Dr. Patricia Janki - Patricia H. Janki M.D., P.A., represented as ECare Medical Group.

Clinica Hispana: Dr. Rodrigo De Valle's Implementation Testimonial - 3/16/2009

Houston, March 16, 2009 - Electronic Medical Resources, (EMR), a Houston-based provider of electronic medical records and clinical practice management integration, has successfully deployed Allscripts TouchWorks™ version 11.1 (TW 11.1) and TouchWorks Practice Management™ (PM) to Clinica Hispana in Houston, Texas.

Clinica Hispana, a high-volume family practice health clinic, treats over 220 walk-in and other patients per day. EMR, featuring a "No Physician Left Behind" deployment platform, is currently bringing an average of 10 physician practices online per month, with their unique electronic medical records and practice management software in the Houston area.

Some of the benefits Clinica Hispana has already seen by choosing EMR are: reduced staffing costs due to the PM system's increased efficiency; an increase in billing accuracy and control; and a strong boost to monthly cash flow from increased reimbursements due to better data reporting and capturing. The TW 11.1 Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is allowing the clinic to quickly process patients, while also creating an electronic health record that documents all aspects of a patient's medical history. This allows faster and more accurate patient charting, more accurate patient disease diagnosis and management, more reliable capture of records and coding, and better patient data storage, transmission, and retrieval. All of this is especially true because Clinica Hispana is such a large and busy practice.

Clinica Hispana serves a growing patient base of 18,000 patients in a largely Hispanic area of the Houston community. This EMR deployment is unique because it is the first and only Allscripts implementation that was trained and implemented in the Spanish language, demonstrating the flexibility and adaptability of both the EMR Team and the Allscripts products.

Clinica Hispana's founder, Dr. Rodrigo De Valle, is very impressed with the results he's seen so far. He's also pleased with the relatively lower up-front costs, and lower monthly fees of the EMR solution, as compared with many competitive products. His son Dr. Oscar De Valle, who is also a physician at the clinic, remarked: "While transitioning to an electronic health record and practice management system is no small undertaking, the Electronic Medical Resources deployment model and the Allscripts TouchWorks system is the only logical way to make the jump. We have experienced an annualized $136,000 savings to date and we are only just getting started."

"We look forward to a long term relationship with our EHR support teams at Electronic Medical Resources and Allscripts," he added.

Dr. Longmire Testimonial - 3/6/2009

On Wed. March 6, 2009, led by CEO and President, Lawrence Wedekind, IntegraNet Physician Resources™ and Electronic Medical Resources™, EMR, commenced their annual physician luncheons which targeted their extensive Houston-Area network of IntegraNet and EMR Primary Care Physicians. These luncheons are designed to help physicians maximize their patient's healthcare, optimize sharing of relevant patient information (within HIPPAA guidelines), and capture all the relevant patient coding. These 4 meetings, which will occur over the next 2 weeks in all areas of the city, will also assist in showing the doctors how to comply with Patient Care guidelines established by Medicare and Medicaid in order to maximize preventative and routine office visit patient care, and minimize waste, such as frequent Emergency Room visits, and other mostly-avoidable emergency treatment costs.

At these meetings, the Electronic Medical Resources products, and the suite of AllScripts™ electronic medical records and Practice Management solutions are presented and feedback is solicited from offices who are already on the EMR system. Over 30 implementations of EMR are either completed or underway in the Houston Area. Within the past week, AllScripts™ went so far as to declare EMR their "national platform" of choice for their products due to the many successful implementations and results already seen in the Houston area in just over one year.

According to one physician attendee, Dr. Warren Longmire, a respected family physician who practices in the Galveston area:

"Today was the first meeting I have ever been (to) where the presenters were very well prepared, delivered unhurriedly, answered questions on the level they were asked, never talked down to anyone, and finished on time. WOW, what a presentation Larry gave! Connie, (IntegraNet's Nurse Case Manager), did a great job of filling in any gaps he left. I told each one what a pleasure it was to learn how to help both myself and the company, while doing a quality rendition of care. Larry asked me to say a word or two about how we are progressing (with our EMR implementation). I challenged anyone to find a better company. Since I have been with more than 12 companies in the last 35 years, your teachers are "heaven sent"! Dr. Longmire concludes by saying: "I'm (not) blowin' smoke one bit. THANKS for inviting me to work with the (EMR) A-Team."

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