What is an EHR?

An EHR is an Electronic Health Record. Many healthcare delivery systems are moving towards keeping patient data electronically, including the US government and many other countries worldwide. The advantages are numerous: less input and retrieval time, standardized formats, easier and more accurate referrals and diagnosis, generation of automatic prescription data and treatment options, ease of coding and reimbursements, pay for performance, accurate data and chart storage and transmission, as well as co-morbidity and other treatment recommendations. Sometimes an EHR will be referred to as an Electronic Medical Record, or EMR – the acronyms are synonymous; they are systems that put the entire patient record into one convenient electronic format.

Here at Electronic Medical Resources, we deliver the industry-leading software package from AllScripts. Using the EMR/Allscripts solution provides the following advantages:

  • Extensive workflow tools which automate labor-intensive, repetitive tasks
  • Customized patient education can be generated
  • Advanced decision support within medication and order management
  • Real-time, snapshot access to each patient record
  • Unique flexibility allowing physicians to quickly move between several patient problems and care decisions
  • Complete paperless office using seamless integrated scanning capabilities
  • "Favorite" lists that provide access to the most frequent selections
  • Customizable chart viewer to group and filter chart information
  • Flexible screen displays that match individual practice patterns and clinical specialty
  • Problem-based prescribing to provide the most appropriate medication and treatment guidelines
  • Electronic laboratory and imaging orders, along with results are directly interfaced to each patient clinical record
  • Pharmacy orders and renewals directly interfaced to each clinical record

With EMR, your practice will be more efficient and more effective. Here's why:

Increased Revenue

  • Enhanced documentation supports proper E/M coding levels
  • Participate in pay-for-performance programs with analytical reporting
  • Access to clinical trial revenue and notification of available studies
  • Provide one total solution for the entire office
  • Improve practice marketing and physician recruitment

Reduced Risk

  • Eliminate multiple charts for the same patient
  • Reduce legal exposure to medical errors
  • Enhance patient safety through automated decision tree analysis

Reduced Expenses

  • Reduce staffing for medical records and chart maintenance
  • Fewer chart pulls
  • Provide cost-free charts for new patients
  • Decrease lines of dictation and lower transcription costs
  • Eliminate document printing and facility expense
  • Reduce paper and office supply costs
  • Reduce back up costs and the need for an onsite network

Enhanced Quality

  • Instant access to the clinical record when and where it is needed
  • One-touch referral management and workflow features
  • Electronic prescribing and streamlined prescription refills
  • Automatic referral generation
  • Clinical data and labs automatically updated within patient record
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