Practice Management

EMR has partnered with Allscripts, which recently acquired Misys Healthcare, the award-winning practice management software company. Through this strong and practical alliance, Allscripts now combines its industry-leading electronic medical record systems with one of the most proven and best-in-class practice management solutions currently available. Our robust practice management solution produces more effective and efficient workflows that you'd expect from a market leader, to send dollars straight to the bottom line.

Practice Benefits

  • Boost office efficiency and productivity with reduced keystrokes

  • Allow the staff to customize the software to meet their preferences and needs
  • Improve communication between staff and physicians
  • Reduce training time and lost productivity with an easy-to-use solution
  • Monitor patient accounts and patient information

  • Reduce time spent on patient registration by reducing redundant entries

  • Allow staff to make patient appointments quickly and more completely

  • Improve service to patients with easy access to patient information
  • Reducing physician downtime by eliminating scheduling mistakes
  • Save time and improve the quality of patient service

Financial Benefits

  • Improve day-to-day collections and cash flow

  • Manage and reduce outstanding A/R

  • Reduce billing errors delaying cash flow

  • Increase collections at time of visit

  • Reduce late, no-show, missed and canceled appointments
  • Access information to improve efficiency and increase revenue
  • Provide valuable insight into the practice

EMR has taken the above solutions and revolutionized a breakthrough by offering all this in a complete solution along with unparalleled security, connectivity and hosting. We also offer our Practice Management Solutions and Electronic Medical Records Solutions separately: it's your choice. Either way, you get the quality and revolutionary service of EMR with its cutting edge customer support and training, a solution that will grow with you as your practice grows.

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